34 Cruiser Fly

Search for the right Starfisher 34 Cruiser Fly boat on our marketplace. A large number of suchlike, new and used ships are finding a new holder here. Also yachts made of hull material Polyethylene, GRP and Wood are present to be sold.

Starfisher 34 Cruiser Fly - a great yacht for connoisseurs

Starfisher stands for tradition and a precise manufaction. Find your Starfisher 34 Cruiser Fly from plenty of advertisements here on Boatdoo and buy the used Starfisher 34 Cruiser Fly from the dealer of your choice. You can also find further boatmodels from Starfisher like for example Starfisher 1060 Fly, Starfisher 1060 Starfisher or Starfisher 1100 Ocasion, Perfecta.

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Basic info
Manufacturer: Starfisher
Model: 34 Cruiser Fly
Category: Motorboats

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