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Pietrasanta - the diverse vibrant and natural urban place in Italy delights every visitor. Pietrasanta captures one's attention right away. People interested in boats, who wants to flee from the monotonic daily routine, that grow weary, are at the right place in Pietrasanta. Here you can easily exchange day-to-day stress and bad mood into beautiful days on board of your own new ship or in Pietrasanta. No matter if you are planning a short trip or extensive holidays - in Pietrasanta and on your new ship you will definitely enjoy it and realise it fruitfully. An adventure in Pietrasanta on deck of your ship is guarantees fascination for all senses.

Brand-new yachts from various materials and fabricator in Pietrasanta

Here on our website we offer you new Motorboats, Sailing Boats, Commercial Boats in Pietrasanta as well as many more models of popular fabricator like Rodman, Ferretti or Aicon. Due to the fact that the quality requirements of the producer beeing very high, you can be sure to acquire a reliable and operative boat on Boatdoo. If you shortlist Day Cruisers like for example the model Boesch 720 or favour to enjoy the characteristics of Pietrasanta on a Silverton Sedan from the category Cruisers - we take care you will obtain your dreamboat in Pietrasanta.

What sort of matter should your new yacht be made of?

Thermo-plastic, Wood or Polyester - just a small range of materials the presented new yachts are made of. If you like to have a hull manufactured from Carbon or any other possible material, we probably can provide you with that too. We wish you a lot of fun searching on Boatdoo and hope you find the boat suiting your needs and in the near future you will be the glad owner of your own dreamship. Pietrasanta awaits you - as well as a stock of prime yachts.

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