Faurby showcases new flagship

02.06.2014 07:26   |   Sailing

The Danish shipyard Faurby is bringing its new flagship product to market, the Faurby 460. In 2015, the boat, which is approx. 14 m long and 3.90 m wide, will be brought to market. As has always been the case, the Danish emphasise elegant curves, a sporty look, and high quality. With the many customisation options, the company is primarily targeting well-to-do owners. The price for this jewel is 600,000 euros, which means that it will most likely not be of interest to the charter market. It will be an exciting launch for the Danes' new flagship, as the market for upscale ships in this size is characterised by stiff competition, and there are already many popular and well-known models in this category. However, the traditional Faurby brand also has its good reputation to count on. It will definitely be an interesting turn of events.





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