Grand Sturdy 430

Look for the best Linssen Grand Sturdy 430 ship here at our marketplace. A large number of other, new or used ships are finding a future buyer here. Also yachts out of hull material Polyethylene, Thermoplast and Polyethylene are on the Boatdoo marketplace for sale.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 430 - the boat with an acquired taste

Linssen has always been a guarantee for quality and a precise fabrication. Choose your Linssen Grand Sturdy 430 from many advertisements here on Boatdoo and buy the used Linssen Grand Sturdy 430 from the trusted trademark representative. You can also find more models from Linssen like for instance Linssen 25.9 Scf, Linssen 29.9 Ac or Linssen 32 Sl.

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Basic info
Manufacturer: Linssen
Model: Grand Sturdy 430
Category: Motorboats

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